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Hi. I’m Bob.

I inspire and empower creative people through audio affirmations, books, podcasts, music, coaching, guided meditations, art, and improv comedy.

Here are links to some of the things I do:

Bob Baker YouTube Affirmations Channel

Hundreds of inspiring videos and millions of monthly views.

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Free Guided Meditation and Affirmation Downloads

My gift to you. Fill your mind with positivity.

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Bob Baker’s Books on Amazon

Dozens of titles for musicians, authors, artists, and more. Click here for Amazon options outside the U.S.

Bob Baker books on Amazon
Bob Baker books on Amazon

Bob Baker’s Inspiration Project on Spotify

You can also stream my spoken word recordings on most of the music and audio platforms.

Improv Comedy Classes Online and in St. Louis

Let’s laugh together. Weekly classes and monthly shows. A longtime passion of mine.

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Bob’s Blog on Medium

Articles for musicians and other creative people. …

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I know first-hand the power of affirmations.

I’ve used them successfully in my own life, and — with the success of my YouTube channel — I’ve read thousands of comments from people around the world whose lives have been improved.

Recently I started experimenting with saying and singing affirmations over upbeat electronic music. The response has been amazing!

The reason they are so effective is that you can engage your body, as well as your mind, when declaring them. And the catchy melodies stick with you all day :)

Enjoy these YouTube videos of my affirmation music. …

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The 10 Most Powerful Affirmations of All Time?

I know, that sounds like a boastful claim.

Affirmations are subjective. Different people resonate with some more than others.

However, after publishing a few hundred affirmation videos with many millions of views on my YouTube channel, along with reading thousands of comments and glowing feedback from viewers, I have identified several affirmations that have proven to be popular with many people around the world.

So that’s the list I’ll share with you here.

You can watch and listen to the video version, or continue reading below.

As I go through each one, I suggest you repeat it back to yourself three times each. …

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We invite you to join us in a simple but powerful international campaign to spread joy and inspiration.

For many, life can be challenging. People the world over are hurting.

Here’s an easy way you can lift spirits and make someone’s day!

We call it the Post-It Love Notes Project — launching June 2020

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Participating is simple:

  • Keep a pad of Post-it Notes handy.
  • Write short affirmations or words of encouragement on them.
  • Leave them in public places for others to find.

What an easy way to spread compassion and kindness everywhere you go!

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Post-It Love Notes is an inspired idea that came through Pooki Lee, my significant other of many years.

She isn’t the first one to do this, but she is the catalyst for this current campaign.

Together we are on a mission to post one million love notes across the globe.

That means we need your help to brighten the lives of one million people!

NOTE: Please don’t leave too many notes in any one location. We want to be respectful of each space. Just leave a few here and there as you go through your day. …

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Inspiration! Delivered to Your Doorstep!

As the pandemic of 2020 continues, more people are having things delivered.

Food, medication, household essentials, art supplies, books, and more.

Well, since I’m an author with many published titles, I’m going to give you another option — and it’s a good one!

I’m calling it …

The Three-Book + Surprise Bonuses Mega Package

I need to let you know up front: This offer is only good for PACKAGES SHIPPED TO A USA ADDRESS!

Sorry to my international friends. However, see the very bottom of this page for info on how to get my books, ebooks, and audiobooks outside the US.

Here’s how it works:

Choose three titles from the list of ten paperback books below

I’ll send you autographed copies of those three books. …

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I got the idea a couple days ago.

Yesterday I felt compelled to sit down and write the lyrics. They came pretty quickly.

A few hours later I set up a mic and camera in my home office. The fourth take was a keeper.

I hope my original song “Isolation Blues” brings a smile to your face and makes you laugh during this time of crisis.

Lyrics below. Please clap, like, and share. Let’s spread some laughter and joy!

“The Isolation Blues”

By Bob Baker © 2020 — All rights reserved

Lost count of the hours, lost count of the days
Not been outside, or seen the sun’s rays
During this crisis, I’m staying at home
Trying to get used to being all alone
I know it could be worse
At least I’m not on a cruise (it’s true)
But there’s no doubt about it
I’ve got the isolation…

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I’m sure you’ve noticed it.

Every time you open up Facebook or Instagram, dozens of people are broadcasting live. And many of them are musicians.

In this recent post I asked for your ideas and examples. I also uncovered a few of my own.

Here are some interesting ways music creators are making the most of staying home during the virus crisis.

The Corona Concert Series

Brandon and Jackie Gibbons, a married couple who perform together as The Gibbonses, just launched their Corona Concert Series.

Every Friday night at 7:00 PM Central, they play songs and stream live on both Facebook and Instagram.

The Simple Way to Go Live on Multiple Platforms at the Same Time

My significant other, Pooki Lee, and I have streamed live music a few times since the crisis began. You might think you need fancy software to broadcast to more than one platform at a time. …

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Wow! So much has changed in recent weeks.

Our normal, predictable lives have been turned upside-down.

People in the performing arts in particular (musicians, actors, venues, and those who support them) have seen their livelihoods disappear.

Yes, these are challenging times.

It’s also a time when we can let our creativity shine!

In my view, artists are better equipped than most to find solutions and think beyond the normal.

Here are some silver-lining thoughts about ways artists can respond to social distancing and self quarantines.

But, most important, I want YOUR IDEAS on ways you are staying active and continuing to create — and hopefully earning some income too.

What innovative things have you seen other artists do?

Please leave a comment below after you’ve read this!

I plan to compile the ideas and share them through a series of podcasts and blog posts. …

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Welcome to the seven-day money manifestation challenge.

When I first posted this video to my YouTube channel, I had no idea it would impact this many people.

With more than 125,000 views and 3,500+ comments, it’s become one of my most popular videos of recent months.

The purpose of this post and recording is to help you generate extra cash flow within the next week.

And let me be clear, I’m not talking about just having an abundance mindset.

Don’t get me wrong. …

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We all have them. Bad days. Bad weeks.

And sometimes even bad months and years.

When you’re in the middle of negative spiral, it may seem like there’s no way out.

But there are simple things you can do to shake things up and get back on track.

Here are 21 ideas to consider …

1) Call or meet with someone

When you’re having a down day, it’s easy to get lost in the heaviness of your own thoughts. Break the pattern by talking with someone you trust, either by phone or in person.

2) Take a nap

Another way to change the pattern of negativity is to give yourself a break. If your schedule allows, crawl under the covers, listen to some soothing music, and drift off to sleep. …


Bob Baker

My mission in life is to inspire & empower people through audio affirmations, guided meditations, books, podcasts, music, art, coaching, and improv comedy.

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