14 Writing Prompts for Your Blog Challenge

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Today I start a 30-Day Blog Writing Challenge. This self-imposed daily routine is designed to get me back into the habit of writing on a consistent basis.

I detail why I’m doing it here and encourage you to participate as a either a reader or a fellow writer.

One thing that trips up a lot of writers is coming up with enough ideas to stay engaged in the process every day.

To help you (and me) keep a steady flow of inspiration coming, here are 14 writing prompts you can consider when looking for fresh ideas:

  1. Take something you’ve written before (a blog post, article, book chapter, poem) and update it.
  2. Describe a challenge you faced and how you overcame it.
  3. Ponder a favorite quote and let it inspire a short post.
  4. Think of someone you admire and write about one of their values or qualities.
  5. Pick up a favorite book or magazine, flip through it, and see what headlines or chapter titles resonate with you in that moment.
  6. Look over the magazine rack at a library or bookstore, then put a unique twist on a headline that catches your eye.
  7. Do a Google search for the topic of your choice. Visit the first three results and see what ideas get sparked.
  8. Visit the Wikipedia page of someone well-known who you admire. Find a little-known detail about the person and write about it.
  9. Address a common mistake people make in your field.
  10. Cover the first thing beginners need to know about your area of expertise.
  11. Express your opinion about something that’s in the news.
  12. Look over the most currently popular videos on YouTube, and write a commentary on one of them.
  13. Think about your most memorable moment of the last 24 hours. Write about an insight that moment inspired.
  14. Flip through a magazine or book, close your eyes, and stop on a random page. Read what’s on that page and challenge yourself to write about it.

Please leave a comment, give it a clap or three, and share this with someone who would benefit from reading it.

This is Day 1 of a 30-Day Blog Writing Challenge. #30DayBobBlog

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