30-Day Blog Writing Challenge (Join Me for Free!)

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Starting Monday, April 15, I will embark on a 30-Day Blog Writing Challenge. For a few weeks I will post a new piece of writing every day.

And, I invite you to join me (at no cost) as either an interested reader or a fellow blogger doing the challenge with me.

Why blogging?

I know. Podcasts and video content rule the social media landscape. Blogging has lost its luster, right? Maybe. Maybe not.

The main reason I’m doing it …

I’m a writer. It’s one of the core gifts I’ve developed in my lifetime.

But over the last couple of years I’ve gotten away from it (mostly because I’ve been creating podcasts and videos instead, along with lots of creative offline activities).

Please join me!

The main place where I will post and share my work during the challenge is the Empowered Artist Mastermind Facebook group.

It’s a closed group, but you can join for free by going here (while logged into Facebook) and requesting to join.

Once I approve you, introduce yourself and let everyone know how you plan to participate (as a reader, writer, etc).

Every day, starting April 15, I’ll share something I’ve written. Along the way I’ll also post writing prompts and ideas to get your mental wheels turning, should you choose to write and share your words too.

Here’s a great role model to inspire you

A stellar example of the power of consistent writing and publishing is Seth Godin, a prolific blogger and author I’ve admired for decades.

Seth has been posting to his website nearly every day for many years. As a result he has one of the most popular blogs on the planet. (Do a Google search for “Seth” alone and see what comes up.)

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But attracting an audience shouldn’t be your primary motivation to do this challenge. Instead, do it to improve your writing chops. To develop your voice. To hone the way you think and communicate.

Who knows? By consistently sharing your ideas, you just might attract an audience.

Keep it short and simple

Take a look at Seth’s blog. Most of his posts are quick, easy reads — from a couple hundred to several hundred words each.

Writing shorter posts forces you to focus on a central idea, right tight, and get your point across succinctly.

I encourage you to do the same, should you participate as a writer. That’s what I’ll be striving to accomplish too.

Ready to follow along?

Just visit the Empowered Artist Mastermind Facebook group and request to join.

Hope to see you there!

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