7 Ways to DESTROY Your Music Career

Everybody wants to know the easy, proven steps to music success. Therefore, every expert offers positive, uplifting advice to help you reach your goals — including me.

How to ruin your music career in seven easy steps!

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1) Give Away Your Personal Power

The first step to destroying your music career is to realize that your destiny is in the hands of other people and circumstances beyond your control.

Industry people and music critics must deem you worthy of success for you to have value as a musician.

Also, cling to the belief that you know nothing and that all the answers are “out there” somewhere.

Do this and you will be incredibly successful at failure.

2) Turn Marketing, Promotion, and Sales Into a Huge Burden

Do you really wanna fall flat fast? Then start referring to marketing as a “necessary evil.”

In fact, there’s probably a biological reason you hate promotion: you were born without the critical marketing gene all of those “gift of gab” people have.

Therefore, you are destined to live a lifetime of hardship as you struggle with having to engage in the ugly chore of self-promotion.

3) Be Fearful of Being Perceived as a Greedy, Capitalist Pig

Paranoia will go a long way to helping you fall short of a thriving music career — especially when it comes to earning money.

Therefore, if you make any sales pitches at all, they better be so low key as to be barely perceptible.

In fact, it would be best not to even make people aware that you have stuff for sale.

Just wait till they come to you. If they’re interested, they’ll ask.

And if you want to score extra points, when they do ask, tell them you left all of your CDs and T-shirts at home.

4) Use a Lack of Time, Money, and Connections as Your Biggest Excuse

Here’s a surefire way to go down in flames: Have convenient scapegoats based on scarcity.

Frequently use phrases such as:

  • “There aren’t enough hours in the day.”
  • “If I had that kind of money, I’d be a rock star too.”
  • And “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.”

To spice things up, every now and then throw in an angry reference to “The man.”

5) Market Yourself to the Faceless Masses Using Traditional Big Media

Why spend all that time dealing one on one with fans, when someone could just throw a bunch of money (you know, the funds you don’t have enough of now) into a massive marketing campaign?

This mass media mindset is your ticket to success … at hitting the fast track to failure.

Bonus tip: Never answer email from fans, and rarely — if ever — log into your social media accounts. Better yet, don’t even start these accounts!

6) Promote Yourself Sporadically and Only When It’s Urgent

If you have a mailing list (and with sucky email delivery and open rates these days, why bother?), be sure the fans on your list don’t hear from you very often.

Your ultimate goal is to have fans read your promotions and go, “Who is this band again?”

7) Know That Everyone Owes You Something Simply Because You Exist

I’ve saved the best way to destroy your music career for last. Simply be convinced that everyone will care as much about you and your music as you do.

Understand that complete strangers will listen to every note of your 70-minute concept album and read every word of your 10-page bio.

Also, be sure to insult anyone who doesn’t get back to you within 10 minutes.

There you have it — the top seven ways to destroy your music career.

So … what are you waiting for? Get out there and demote yourself!!!

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