Are You Making This Common Creativity Mistake?

Bob Baker
2 min readJul 26, 2023

Think about the things you got done today, yesterday, or over the past week. I’m sure your list includes some spontaneous activities, but I’m guessing most of the things you accomplished were planned.

If you had a doctor’s appointment, got the oil changed in your car, met a friend for coffee, or picked up the kids from school … most likely you knew about it ahead of time and planned your schedule around these events. And that’s as it should be.

Sadly, most people who claim they want to do more with their creativity take a very different approach.

Painting, writing, rehearsing, and designing are relegated to a fantasyland category referred to as “when I have time to get around to it.”

Sorry, but that’s not going to earn you Empowered Artist status.

Your art is important, isn’t it? Then why not give it the prominence it deserves?

If you’re a parent, imagine your nine-year-old daughter saying, “Can you give me a ride home after soccer practice tonight?” Would your reply be, “Well, I’ll try to bring you home tonight if I can get around to it”?

Or how would you respond to a friend you haven’t seen in years who is asking to meet for lunch on Thursday? Would you say, “Well, let’s see how things go that day. If I feel inspired to do it, I’ll show up”?

Of course, you wouldn’t do that. Your child’s needs and safety are too precious. Your relationship with your friend is too important to treat so frivolously. You honor those commitments with the respect they deserve.

So why not treat your creative activities with the same level of significance?

The main reason your art doesn’t get enough attention is because it is usually worked in around other things. You get to it only after the “important” tasks are completed, and only if you have the energy and inspiration left to devote to it.

Cultivating your gifts are given second- or third-class status on your to-do list.

Empowered Artists give creative time the same priority as car maintenance, doctor visits, home repairs, and obligations to friends and family members.

You know how important your art is.

Give it the red carpet, first-class treatment it deserves!


From my book, “The Empowered Artist.” Available on Amazon (as a paperback and ebook) in 13 countries.



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