ARTISTS: Make Uncertainty Your Friend

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Here’s a short excerpt from The Passion Principles: 101 Ways to Express Your Creativity and Share It With the World

8) Make uncertainty your friend

Along with fear, there’s another culprit you must become aware of and embrace. This one goes by many names, but it’s best described as “uncertainty.”

You know this rascal has you by the throat when you find yourself saying things like, “But I’ve never done that before!” or “But I have no idea how to do that!”

You know you’re a victim when you find yourself paralyzed because you don’t know how something will turn out.

Guess what? That’s part of being human.

No one knows how anything will turn out — until they actually do it. There are no guarantees.

You can let that fact scare you or thrill you. The choice is yours.

“I have devoted my life to uncertainty. Certainty is the death of wisdom, thought, and creativity.” -Shekhar Kapur

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My mission in life is to inspire & empower people through audio affirmations, guided meditations, books, podcasts, music, art, coaching, and improv comedy.

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