Build a Luxury Brand Spiritual Business for Psychics and Lightworkers

Bob Baker
2 min readJun 22, 2024


In this inspiring interview, I talk with Tana Newberry, an internationally successful psychic reader and the leader of a mentorship program that transforms spiritual entrepreneurs into “psychic CEOs.”

Tana explains her journey from overcoming a drug addiction, which led to a psychic awakening, to becoming a professional psychic reader.

She discusses the challenges spiritual entrepreneurs face when valuing their services and breaking the belief that money and spirituality are incompatible.

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Tana emphasizes the importance of creating high-value, luxury offers that truly reflect the profound transformation they can bring to clients.

She encourages spiritual entrepreneurs to think of their services as five-star experiences, just like high-end hotels, to match the energetic exchange required for deep, meaningful work.

Tana also shares her marketing insights, explaining the importance of embodying leadership and creating a magnetic online presence, regardless of follower count.

She outlines a simple sales funnel process involving a free lead magnet and nurturing email sequence to build relationships and drive sales.

Throughout the interview, Tana’s passion for helping light workers achieve abundance and expand their impact shines through.

She offers practical advice on elevating offers, overcoming limiting beliefs about money, and creating transformative client experiences.

Tana invites listeners to explore her free “Rich Intuition Masterclass Series” on her website for further guidance on integrating wealth with spiritual business.

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