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What could you learn from an Indigenous Canadian Medicine Woman?

Welcome to “The Inspired Life” interview series, episode 2.

In this interview, Asha Frost, a Hay House author and healer, shares insights into her work and life philosophy.

Asha is known for her book “You Are the Medicine” and has created Oracle decks such as “Animal Elders” and “Sacred Medicine Card Deck.”

She emphasizes living an inspired life by seeking joy and spiritual presence daily, viewing life as a visionary process.

Asha discusses the significance of dreaming and daydreaming as a form of manifesting, drawing connections to ancestral wisdom.

She explains her role as an Indigenous Medicine Woman, incorporating homeopathy, spiritual guidance, and ceremonial practices to help others heal.

She highlights the importance of reconnecting with ancestral roots and how this connection influences her work.

Asha touches on her journey to becoming a Hay House author, winning a writing contest that propelled her career.

She also discusses her challenges with chronic illness and the necessity of charging for her healing services, addressing the cultural taboos around monetizing spiritual work.

Asha’s business model includes a membership program aligned with the cycles of the moon, offering full moon ceremonies and spiritual guidance.

She prefers focused, impactful mentoring over broader programs, helping clients overcome personal and generational traumas.

Throughout the interview, Asha underscores the importance of inspired action, ancestral connection, and the resilience inherited from previous generations.

She encourages you to tap into your inner wisdom and take actionable steps toward your dreams.

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