CRITICISM: Can You Handle What They Say About You?

You know the drill.

You get excited about a Big Idea for a book, workshop, play, retreat, or mastermind group.

Then the inevitable thoughts creeps up:

It reminds me of a line that’s always resonated with me from the movie Spiritual Liberation. In it, Michael Beckwith asks …

Will you be able to handle what people say about you when you start to let your light shine?

I’ve been publishing and selling books and other information products for decades.

Over the years I’ve also offered many virtual and in-person events, from live workshops and 30-day challenges to mastermind groups and one-on-one coaching.

I’ve received a wide range of direct feedback to the offers I’ve made.

Here are examples of the types of reactions I get:

“Great idea, Bob! I’m VERY interested in this.”

“Yes, count me in. It’s affordable too.”

“I’m very interested, but I can’t afford it right now.”

“A little pricey, don’t you think?”

“Why are you charging for this? I thought you were all about helping people?”

“This is a terrible idea! I’m tired of everyone trying to make a buck by any means necessary. Take me off your email list!”

Hmmm …

So, which of these reactions should I pay attention to?

The truth is, they are ALL valid. They are very real for each person who took the time to respond. Each one represents that person’s genuine perspective at the time they sent it.

However, as an inspired creative person stepping out to try something new, how do I handle this variety of opinions?

Well, I honor them all. But I have no choice but to focus my efforts on the people who see the value and resonate with my message.

My advice to you …

Don’t water down your ambitions or lower your prices unless there’s a damn good reason for it. Stay true to your vision!

The real question is …

How will YOU handle what people say about you when you start to let YOUR light shine?

By being scared and apprehensive? By playing small so you don’t offend anyone?

Or … by being the Empowered Artist that you are!

I’d love your thoughts on this!

Please leave a comment, give it a clap or five :) and share this with someone who would benefit from reading it.

This is Day 11 of my 30-Day Blog Writing Challenge.

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