Do You Use a Marketing Match or a Flamethrower?

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What an odd question:

Do You Use a Marketing Match or a Flamethrower?

There’s a good reason I ask …

When it comes to self-promotion, most artists and entrepreneurs lean toward the flamethrower approach.

Or simply, “Let’s launch a big marketing push for the new (album, book, event, restaurant, product, service, website, etc).”

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If this describes you, here’s a word of warning!

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying this flamethrower-type tactic doesn’t have it’s place.

In certain instances, it makes sense to do something extra to create excitement — especially around the launch of a new project.

What’s far better and most effective is a consistent use of matches.

Every week, month after month, year after year, you light a match to set a small fire in a specific place for a particular audience.

Imagine you have 10 candles in a room that you want to light.

Using a flamethrower, you could definitely light all 10 candles. You’d also scorch the walls, the furniture, the drapes, and more. There would be a lot of wasted energy expended on the wrong things.

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With a match, you target exactly the outcome you want in a more economical and fruitful way.

And, if you light enough candles, with a consistent and persistent message, in good time the entire room will be illuminated with light!

So, how do you want to market your offering?

With a match … or a flamethrower?

I’d love your thoughts on this!

How do you approach marketing and self-promotion? Are you a match person or a flamethrower person?

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