Five-Minute Miracle Morning Affirmations

Are you short on time but you still want to get a boost of positive energy before you launch into your day? Then this is for you.

In his book, “The Miracle Morning,” author Hal Elrod suggests your daily morning routine should include positive affirmations and meditation.

This is the perfect recording to help you experience that when you only have five minutes to spare.

You can watch and listen to the YouTube video version here …

Or read a transcript of it here …

Listen to this while sitting, walking, driving, or whatever.

I’ll recite a series of miracle morning affirmations, and I’ll leave space in between for you to repeat them back to yourself, if you wish.

Let’s begin.

Great job.

Return to this recording whenever you need a boost of positive energy before you start your day.

This is Bob Baker of

Have a miracle-filled day. So long for now.

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