Five-Minute Miracle Morning Affirmations

This is a miraculous morning.

This is an amazing day.

Today is overflowing with potential.

Today is full of new opportunities.

Today, I am grateful.

Today, I am abundant.

Today, I am confident.

Today, I am excited.

Today, I vibrate with success.

I vibrate with happiness.

I vibrate with joy.

This day is filled with miracles.

Today, I am strong.

Today, I stand tall.

Today, I am a champion.

Today, I am on a mission.

Today, I am focused.

Today, I am inspired.

Today, I take action.

This is an amazing day.

This is a wonderful day.

This is a fabulous day.

This is a miraculous day.

Today, I express myself.

Today, I shine my light.

This is my day.

This is my moment.

This is my time.

This is my miracle morning.

My mission in life is to inspire & empower people through audio affirmations, guided meditations, books, podcasts, music, art, coaching, and improv comedy.

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