Money Comes to Me in Increasing Amounts From Multiple Sources | Abundance Affirmations

Money comes to me in increasing amounts from multiple sources.

What a wonderful abundance affirmation. And it is this simple ten-word statement that we will focus on throughout this entire session.

I came across a similar affirmation a couple of days ago, but what I did is shorten it and tweaked it just a bit to come up with this simple 10-word affirmation.

We’re going to repeat this over and over again. But first, I just want to take a moment to examine why this is such a powerful affirmation.

You can watch and listen to the YouTube video, or read the transcript below …

Let’s start with the first four words — “money comes to me.” It’s short. It’s in the present tense. It’s immediate.

You’re not saying money will come to me, or I hope money comes to me. “Money comes to me” — it states your intention that money is flowing and entering your life now.

The next three words — “in increasing amounts.” I like this for a number of reasons as well.

For one, it speaks to the abundant nature of the universe. It’s affirming that there’s an overflow of abundance in your life and that it’s growing.

Another thing that’s great about it is that it doesn’t mention a specific dollar figure. So saying “increasing amounts” is relative.

Whether you currently earn a dollar a week, a hundred dollars a week, or ten thousand dollars a week — you’re affirming that that number will increase.

So you’re not saying, “I am a millionaire” so it feels inauthentic. Wherever you are, that phrase can apply.

And finally, “from multiple sources” is a great addition to this affirmation because I think a lot of people have tunnel vision when it comes to the many ways that they can earn income.

So you’re setting an intention that your abundance will not just flow from one or two sources — that it’s wide open to possibilities. It could come from your day job. It could come from a sideline hobby. It could come from a completely unexpected source.

When you put these three aspects together, it’s one powerful prosperity affirmation. We’re going to state it repeatedly about 10 times here.

Here we go.

Money comes to me in increasing amounts from multiple sources.

(Repeat 10 times.)

Take a breath right here. Just take a moment to let those words sink in.

If you have the ability to visualize and see pictures in your mind, then imagine what it would be like to live from that space of money coming to you in increasing amounts from multiple sources.

What might that look like?

How would it make you feel?

What would you possibly be doing in that situation?

How would you be interacting with others?

How confident and successful would you feel?

Again, don’t get too specific where you limit the ways money can come to you, but just visualize a wider range of possibilities.

Imagine the surprising ways, the unexpected ways that money can come to you. Just sit with that for a moment right now.

Alright. Let’s repeat the affirmation several more times. Say it with enthusiasm, with feeling, with a sense of knowing that this is your truth and this is happening right now.

Money comes to me in increasing amounts from multiple sources.

(Repeat 10 times.)

Take another breath. See those pictures in your mind. Make your senses come alive in your imagination.

How do you feel? What are you seeing? What are you hearing, smelling, tasting? Put yourself there. You’re there — living in an abundant universe.

Let’s state that affirmation a few more times for good measure.

Money comes to me in increasing amounts from multiple sources.

Great job. I can sense that you felt that, that you leaned into it, that you meant it. And those declarations are so powerful. They’re influencing your life right now.

Now take this feeling and this knowing with you. And as you move through the world, you’ll see opportunities for abundance.

People will approach you with money-making opportunities when you least expect them. So look for those opportunities, then act on them when they present themselves.

This is Bob Baker from I wish you the best.

Let’s talk again soon. So long for now.

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