My Black Sabbath and Van Halen Flashback …

Bob Baker
2 min readJul 18, 2023


Here’s a story about Magnetic Music Marketing that I covered in the most recent episode of my podcast:

Decades ago I went to a Black Sabbath concert when I was just barely out of my teens. Ozzy Osbourne was still performing with them. As a fan, I was excited to see the band live for the first time.

The opening act had just come out with their first album. I’d heard one of their songs on the radio but didn’t know much more about them.

The lights went down and the first song started with a bang. The lead singer jumped and ran and swung his mic cord like a lasso.

The guitarist was amazing. The band rocked my socks off.

It was Van Halen.

Something about them resonated with me. The players and the high-energy music connected with an aspect of my psyche that was wanting to more fully express itself.

The band won me over and I became a Van Halen fan.

And that’s the perfect way to begin a discussion of magnetism.

On one hand, it refers to the magnetic pull one object exerts on another (whether those objects are refrigerator magnets, the magnets you find in audio speakers, or the planets revolving around the sun).

It can also refer to a “magnetic” personality that pulls fans toward an artist. However, don’t worry. A bigger-than-life personality isn’t required to be a successful musician and marketer.

If you have charisma or can develop it, great. But it isn’t necessary.

Another good way to describe it is “resonance.”

A fan can resonate with an artist whether their demeanor is mellow, silly, loud, or introspective.

It’s not always about being flamboyant; it’s more about “like attracting like.”

So here’s the first law you must obey as a self-promoting musician:

Become a magnet that attracts your Ideal Fan!

I cover a lot more on the podcast. You can hear it on Apple, Spotify, and just about every podcast platform. Or listen using the player below:

I think it will give you a lot more insight into how to make your own music more “magnetic” with your ideal fans.

Bob Baker

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