My Secret to Networking Success: How to Really Win Friends and Influence People

Bob Baker
3 min readFeb 16, 2024


In this video, I discuss an important lesson about networking, making friends, and growing your circle of influence.

My approach to building relationships and influencing others doesn’t involve traditional networking tactics.

Instead, it’s based on something I learned from an unexpected source.

Watch the video and/or read the summary below …

The Misconception of Networking

Initially, I never considered myself a traditional networker. I didn’t attend events to collect business cards or seek out new leads.

My networking success in St. Louis, a city where I have deep roots, came from being active in the community through music, theater, public speaking, and even doing improv and standup comedy.

This visibility helped me meet many people over the years, although I initially struggled with interacting in social situations.

A Realization from Personal Experience

I reflect on my early attempts at networking, where I felt the need to impress others with my accomplishments and connections.

This approach often led to disinterest and disengagement from the people I was trying to get to know. It was a hard lesson on the importance of genuine interaction over self-promotion.

Transition to a Journalistic Approach

My decade-long experience running a local music newspaper without any prior publishing experience taught me the value of listening over speaking.

As a journalist, I focused on the person I was interviewing, asking questions and genuinely engaging with their responses. I had to be fully present to note everything they said.

This not only made the conversations more enjoyable but also allowed me to form deeper connections. And I learned a valuable lesson:

When given the opportunity, people LOVE to talk about themselves!

The Power of Curiosity and Listening

Adopting a journalistic mindset in everyday interactions transformed my networking approach.

By being genuinely curious about others and letting them do most of the talking, I discovered that people are more open and receptive.

This approach leads to more meaningful connections and makes networking a more enriching experience.

Visibility and Active Participation

In the video, I emphasize the importance of being visible and active within your community.

For creatives, stepping out of your comfort zone and engaging with others can significantly expand your network.

I encourage embracing curiosity in social situations, asking people about their passions and interests rather than focusing on yourself.

Conclusion and Advice

My secret to networking success is simple: be genuinely interested in others and listen more than you talk.

This approach, inspired by my music journalism background, has been key to building a wide network of meaningful relationships.

I share this advice in the hope that it will help you become more effective and fulfilled when connecting with people.

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