Positive Affirmations to Tell Yourself Every Day | Powerful Daily Practice

Bob Baker
4 min readJul 2, 2022

Positive Affirmations to Tell Yourself Every Day.

These affirmations work best when they are repeated on a daily basis. So make a commitment to cueing up this recording every day and feed your mind with positivity.

You just might be amazed by the powerful impact this daily practice will have on your life.

You can watch and listen to the YouTube video, or read the transcript below …

Take a breath, get centered, and repeat each affirmation back to yourself in the space provided.

Let’s begin.

I live in an abundant universe.

The world around me is teeming with possibilities.

I visualize my ideal life and watch it manifest.

Everything I want is flowing to me.

This universe is filled with grand potential.

I am riding a wave of momentum.

Everything is always working out for me.

I am surrounded by pure, positive energy.

I look for reasons to feel good.

I am a feel-good detective.

There is so much good flowing into my life now.

Positive energy is all around me.

I trust the universe.

I allow universal intelligence to flow through me.

I tap into the universal wisdom.

I trust myself.

I am accepting of myself and others.

I wake up eager to face each new day.

Every day has the potential to be amazing.

Every day, I look for the good all around me.

Every day, I notice and attract the right people into my life.

I am fully present with the important people in my life.

I enjoy the company of the amazing people in my life.

I allow success in all areas of my life.

I am deserving of success.

I love to witness my magnificent journey unfolding.

My life is filled with abundance in every area.

There’s so much abundance I can’t even keep track of it all.

I am so blessed to be living.

I am so blessed to be here right now.

The universe always takes care of me.

The universe has my back.

I have my back.

I trust myself.

I am patient with myself.

I take care of myself.

I approve of myself.

I forgive myself.

I am grateful for what I have and eager for more.

I welcome abundance into my life.

I welcome prosperity into my life.

I welcome success into my life.

I welcome joy into my life.

I welcome love into my life.

I am whole and complete.

I look for reasons to feel good.

I give myself permission to shine.

I am so blessed.

I am so grateful.

I am so appreciative of all the good in my life.

Yes, everything is always working out for me.

Great job. And it’s true — with the right perspective, with the right mindset and attitude, everything is indeed always working out for you.

And that’s not a naive, Pollyanna perspective. It can be your truth if you embrace it, if you embody it, if you live it.

So take this positive, empowering feeling with you throughout your day. Let it fill you up, and let it influence the many people around you.

Let’s create a ripple effect of good today.

This is Bob Baker of BobBakerInspiration.com. Have an amazing day. Let’s talk again soon. In the meantime, so long for now.

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