Prince’s Genius: A Different Perspective

Like you, I was shocked and saddened by the news yesterday that Prince had died.

What an amazing and influential artist.

I sang “Delirious” in a cover band back in the day. I saw Purple Rain when it was a new movie release. I watched the old MTV videos with fascination.

I was lucky enough to see Prince perform live in 1997.

Hell, I’m just a couple years shy of Prince’s age. So I definitely feel he went long before his time.

Following on the heels of David Bowie’s death just three months ago, I understand why music fans are expressing frustration that all the musical geniuses are gone.

No doubt, Prince and Bowie were trailblazers, and they deserve heaps of praise for the legacy they leave.

But I have issues with the notion that “all the musical geniuses are gone.”

Sure, you can point to any number of modern hit lists or radio playlists and make a good argument that there’s a lack of innovation. I get what you’re saying.

But that’s never been the only place I look to determine the health of music and art.

I firmly believe there are thousands of creative geniuses among us — some popular, some serving small audiences, and some currently working in obscurity.

There is no shortage of excellent players and artists pushing boundaries and experimenting with new and old forms.

So have faith that all is not lost. Prince and Bowie may be gone, but there are always new generations of musicians, singers and performers forging new paths.

Let’s look for them, celebrate them, and encourage them to create their own legacies.

Heck, I wouldn’t be surprised if YOU are one of those geniuses yourself (in music, art, writing, performance, or some other creative field).

Therefore, once you get over the sadness and pay your respects, get busy creating something new and exciting that you (and future generations) can be proud of!


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