Ready for 2016 to Finally Be OVER (and Kick Ass in 2017)? Watch This!

Let’s face it. 2016 was a rough year for many people. Perhaps you felt it too.

A new year is right around the corner.

How will you launch into it?

You may not have direct control over the political landscape or which celebrity icons live or die.

But there is something you have direct control of …

How you show up and live your own creative life!

If you’re willing to step up and let your light shine, I invite you to join me and 19 other proactive, creative people (including musicians, authors, visual artists, and more).

We will immerse ourselves in a five-week Activate Your Creativity program that will compel you to reach one of two goals:

1) Finish a Creative Project — You have a book, music album, or other art project you haven’t been able to finish. You’ll commit to spending a little time every day to make major progress on that project.

OR …

2) Market and Sell a Creative Project — You already have a book, album, or other creative product or service available. But you’ve been lacking in your efforts to promote and sell it. You’ll commit to spending a little time every day to create awareness, attract fans, and make sales.

But you won’t be doing this alone!

You’ll have a support group, a Success Partner, and direct access to me and my hard-earned advice on creative output, marketing, and making a living in the arts.

I just opened up registration for the new Activate Your Creativity program. The most ambitious program I’ve ever offered.

But it’s limited to 20 people!

There’s been a LOT of interest in this program, and a few seats are already taken. There’s no telling how long the remaining spots will last.

So visit the Activate Your Creativity page, watch the video, and look over all you get with this inspiring program.

Then make a decision to choose you in 2017!

Thanks for all you do to share your talents and gifts with the world!


My mission in life is to inspire & empower people through audio affirmations, guided meditations, books, podcasts, music, art, coaching, and improv comedy.