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Registration for this program is now closed

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If you’re on this page, that means you’ve already looked over the details of the 30-Day Challenge on this page here, and you’re ready to dive in.

That’s awesome! Congrats!

You have three levels of participation to choose from …

Level 1 includes:

I want you to benefit from the energy of a creative community. Everyone who signs up for the program will get exclusive access to this private Facebook group. That’s where most of the interaction will take place.

Go to the private group every day and post what you’re sharing. Get feedback, share your successes and struggles, ask for advice, and maybe even find other creative people to partner with on future projects.

Weekly Conference Calls

I will host five one-hour group conference calls on Wednesdays, starting January 3, at 12 Noon Eastern (11:00 AM Central, 9:00 AM Pacific).

During these weekly calls I’ll answer questions, invite people to share their progress, help you overcome challenges, and teach some additional strategies for being consistent and sticking to your creative habits.

These calls will be recorded so you can listen to them later.

Throughout the program I’ll post short video messages or broadcast live within the private Facebook group. In these sessions I’ll poke and prod you to keep taking action.

I’ll give you my best advice on what to post and how to position yourself so you attract your ideal fans. I’ll also answer your questions and cater to the specific needs of the group.

In addition, you’ll get links to printable worksheets and checklists you can use to clarify your fan-attraction plan and record your progress.

The fee for this level is only $47 USDthe most affordable 30-day program I’ve ever offered!

Level 2 includes:

Everything in Level 1 above, plus …

Hands down, this will be the most valuable aspect of the 30-day program, if you take advantage of it.

You will have the option of being paired with another creative person also enrolled in the challenge. Think of them as an accountability partner and personal cheerleader. This Success Partner is someone you will connect with briefly three to five times a week during the program.

Knowing you will talk to someone adds a new level of commitment to being consistent. It’s also a great way to get advice and support from another artistic soul who understands you and is going through the same journey.

I’ll also give you access to any of my downloadable ebooks, audio programs, or online courses — up to $50 USD in value.

The fee for this level is only $97 USD

Level 3 includes:

Everything in Level 1 and 2 above, plus …

If you take this option, you and I will have a private strategy session by phone or Skype for up to 60 minutes.

Use this time to address whatever aspect of your creativity I can help you with most: marketing, productivity, branding, book publishing, juggling a lot of interests, etc.

You can schedule this session at any time during the 30-day program or wait up to six months to use it. It’s up to you.

Double the amount of ebooks, audio programs, and online courses you have access to — up to $100 USD in value.

The fee for this level is only $197 USD

Let’s do this! And let’s do it together!


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