Shift Happens: A Story of Heartbreak & Opportunity

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Here’s a quick story about change that might surprise you …

Leo and Harry knew firsthand that new technology has the power it turn the status quo on its head.

They were part of an economic boom in the music industry that allowed songs to spread faster and more efficiently to more people than ever before.

The movement they were part of had the additional effect of encouraging amateur musicians to participate in music in ways they had never been able to before.

The wave Leo and Harry helped create affected the entire music industry.

However, within a short period of time, an even newer technology came along that disrupted everything. The stable business model these two men built and profited from began to crumble.

But an unexpected benefit came from the new developments.

A number of artists and bands that previously operated in obscurity were suddenly becoming popular on a nationwide and sometimes worldwide scale.

Sound familiar?

The promotion and widespread sales of printed sheet music spawned a whole new industry in the late 1800s.

It was a profitable business model for many companies, as more and more music hobbyists yearned to play popular songs of the day.

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Back then a lot of musicians were gainfully employed as “song pluggers” who made their living demonstrating songs to promote the sale of sheet music.

Most music stores had song pluggers on staff. Other pluggers were employed by the sheet music publishers to travel and familiarize the public with their new offerings.

Then, in the early 1900s, the phonograph and radio came along to change everything.

Eventually, many people once employed by sheet music companies or as song pluggers found themselves out of a job.

At the same time, new opportunities opened up for forward thinking entrepreneurs who embraced the new technologies of radio broadcasting and recorded music.

What’s the point of this story?

Creative people went through the shift when the era of sheet music boomed, and they went through it again with the advent of radio and records.

And … when CDs replaced vinyl, and when digital downloads made CDs less attractive. We’re going through it again now as streaming music has moved to the forefront.

And, just like the shifts of the past, we must embrace change and find the hidden opportunities.

Let me clarify …

Good people are experiencing some very real pain and frustration over how they once operated in the music world.

I get that. And if that’s your reality, my heart goes out to you.

At the same time, though, other musicians are prospering.

It may be hard to see and admit it when you’re in the midst of struggling to feed your family and getting caught up on bills. But there really are smart artists riding the new wave and doing well.

It’s all part of the latest shift in the way music is created, spread, and enjoyed.

Only the changes are coming faster. And there’s no doubt even more disruption in store for us ahead.

Here’s my real motive for pointing this out to you:

  • To encourage you to look for creative solutions instead of being angry
  • To inspire you to look for new ways to express your passion, make a few dollars from it, and enjoy the process

Change isn’t easy. But the quicker you acknowledge it and accept it, the quicker you’ll be able to move forward, find a fresh opportunity, and prosper.

I’d love your thoughts on this!

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