Terse and Pithy: A Short Rant on the Need to Write Succinctly

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I’d like to take this opportunity to express my bewilderment over the large, extensive number of people the world over who seem to go out of their way to use far more words than is necessary to describe (or explain) something, when a lot fewer, well-chosen words could have communicated the very same thing in a much more succinct, time-efficient manner.

In a nutshell, this overly abundant use of words is a big, huge, rampant problem that has plagued human society for a very, very long time — since the earliest years of civilization perhaps. I’m talking eons; like tens of thousands of years, or however long it’s been since people started communicating with other humans using symbols, letters and words (and I wouldn’t be surprised if it applies to smoke signals too).

Come on, people, get with the program and stop rambling on and on about nonsense that only serves to demonstrate how much you seem to enjoy stringing together as many words as humanly possible to get your point across — if you even have a point to begin with!

How much trouble would it really be for you to simply take a moment, use the intelligence that was given to you, and think about the number of words you are using to get your idea across to other people who are probably over-worked and stressed out and have very little time to waste on so much extra verbiage?

We all have lives and commitments and responsibilities to not only ourselves (like our general health and well-being), but also commitments and responsibilities to our families, our homes, our communities, our neighbors, our jobs, our bosses, our coworkers, our friends, our pets, our hobbies, our favorite charities, our automobiles, and a whole lot more.

Who has the time to read through bloated sentences and puffed-up paragraphs and ponderous blog posts and inflated book chapters overflowing with ideas that have not been edited or looked at with a critical enough eye to discern whether or not the same thing could have been said with fewer words and a tighter writing structure?

To put it simply, this is my mission and I hope you’ll join me in making the world a better place by stopping the madness and ending this scourge on humanity by taking a moment to reflect on what a better existence it would be if everyone joined together in a worldwide movement to write (and speak) in a manner that could be best described as “terse and pithy” (a phrase the origin of which I tried to find but couldn’t during a quick Google search) so that no child will ever have to endure long, drawn-out, run-on sentences that made him or her dizzy and confused and not interested in learning the craft and beauty of simple language.

[FYI, this is part of a series of humor pieces I’m writing for a possible future book. Did you enjoy it? Please comment, like and share if you did!]

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