The 30-Day Get Your ASK Out There Challenge

This challenge has already taken place. However …

The next event (The 30-Day Share Your Creativity Challenge) starts January 7, 2019.

Click here to learn more about that …

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Are you a musician, writer, visual artist, actor, photographer, crafter, chef, designer, or some other type of maker or creative entrepreneur?

Here’s one simple thing you can do to send your creative efforts into overdrive …

Get Your ASK Out There!

It’s awesome that you post cool stuff on social media and spend time learning about marketing.

But the thing that will propel your career more than anything is to ASK for help, support, exposure, and sales!

I’m talking about asking people to:

  • Interview you
  • Attend events
  • Write about you
  • Collaborate with you
  • Buy stuff from you
  • Hire you
  • Recommend you
  • Share your work
  • Help you with aspects of your business you aren’t good at
  • And more!

That’s why I’m launching the 30-Day Get Your ASK Out There Challenge!

The challenge starts Monday, October 22, and ends Tuesday, November 20, 2018.

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What will you get out of the 30-Day Challenge?

  • Develop a new habit of strategically asking for what you want
  • Learn HOW to ask (most people get this wrong and do more harm than good)
  • Get actual scripts and email templates you can use to more effectively persuade the people you ask
  • Learn how to create win-win relationships that deliver value for both parties
  • Increase the odds that you’ll get exposure, get help, and actually sell something
  • Create momentum and opportunities you wouldn’t have otherwise
  • Interact with other kindred creative spirits on the same journey
  • Develop a new habit you can continue well beyond the 30 days

You Have TWO Levels of Participation to Choose From …

The BASIC Level includes:

A Private 30-Day Challenge Facebook Group.

Go there as often as you’d like and post updates on your ASKing progress. Get feedback, share your successes and struggles, ask for advice, and maybe even find other creative people to partner with on future projects.

Weekly Conference Calls.

These Zoom calls will be recorded so you can listen to them later.

A Weekly ASKing Focus.

  • Week 1: Asking fans, friends, and supporters
  • Week 2: Asking venue people, event planners, and talent buyers
  • Week 3: Asking media people, curators, and tastemakers
  • Week 4: Asking for the sale!
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Lessons and Worksheets.

I’ll give you my best advice on WHO to ask, HOW to ask, and WHAT to ask for. I’ll also answer your questions and cater to the specific needs of the group.

In addition, you’ll get links to printable worksheets and checklists you can use to clarify your ASKing plan and record your progress.

You’ll also have the option to team up with a 30-Day Challenge Success Partner.

You will have the option of being paired with another creative person also enrolled in the challenge. Think of them as an accountability partner and personal cheerleader. This Success Partner is someone you will connect with briefly about three times a week during the program.

Knowing you will talk to someone adds a new level of commitment to being consistent. It’s also a great way to get advice and support from another artistic soul who understands you and is going through the same journey.

The fee for this level is only $97 USDone of the most affordable 30-day programs I’ve ever offered!

Click here to register at the BASIC Level (sorry, this challenge has already taken place)

The PREMIUM Level includes:

A One-on-One Personal Strategy Session with Me

Use this time to address whatever aspect of your creativity I can help you with most: marketing, productivity, branding, book publishing, juggling a lot of interests, etc.

You can schedule this session at any time during the 30-day program or wait up to six months to use it. It’s up to you.

A $100 credit toward a collection of my digital resources

The fee for this level is only $247 USD

Click here to register at the PREMIUM Level (sorry, this challenge has already taken place)

Here’s a sweet video from singer Michelle Gold:

Let’s do this — starting October 22, 2018. And let’s do it together!

What About Bob?

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Bob with bestselling author Joe Vitale.

He is a full-time author who has developed a successful niche writing and speaking about music marketing and self-promotion for songwriters, musicians, and bands.

Bob supplements his income with music (as a singer, songwriter, guitarist), visual art(as an acrylic painter), and improv comedy (as a teacher and performer).

A prolific writer with dozens of books, ebooks, audio programs and online courses, he served six terms as president of the St. Louis Publishers Association and is an advocate for the self-publishing movement.

Bob is the author of the highly acclaimed Guerrilla Music Marketing Handbook (which appeared in the movie The School of Rock, starring Jack Black) and the “Music Marketing 101” course at Berkleemusic, the online continuing education division of Berklee College of Music.

CD Baby called him “The Godfather of Independent Music Marketing.” Bob is also an adjunct professor in the music department at Lindenwood University in St. Charles, MO.

According to the Salt Lake Tribune, “Bob Baker is one of the most widely recognized authorities on music marketing. A prolific writer, Baker is regarded as one of the industry’s leaders in helping musicians leverage online web and marketing strategies to boost their careers.”

He has appeared in the media on NPR’s “Morning Edition” and “Marketplace” and in such publications as Electronic Musician, Music Connection, The Guardian in the U.K., Canadian Musician, Publishers Weekly, VIBE magazine, E! Online, and even The Onion!

Bob’s other titles include The Empowered Artist, The Passion Principles, Unleash the Artist Within, The Guerrilla Guide to Book Marketing, Branding Yourself Online, The DIY Career Manifesto, and The Improv Comedy Musician(co-written with Laura Hall from Whose Line Is It Anyway?).

Steve’s video is about a live event Bob hosted in 2015:

Written by

My mission in life is to inspire & empower people through audio affirmations, guided meditations, books, podcasts, music, art, coaching, and improv comedy.

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