The 30-Day Share Your Creativity Challenge

Make More of an Impact and Attract More Fans in 2019

Afters decades of working with hundreds of successful musicians, authors, and artists … and being self-employed in the arts myself … I’ve discovered there’s one simple habit you can develop that will greatly improve your progress.

I’m talking about consistently sharing your work online

You won’t make much of an impact with your creativity until a small but growing group of people know, appreciate, and support you.

So … what’s the best way to reach and engage with fans online?

  • They feel too vulnerable
  • They’re afraid of what people might think
  • They’re worried it’ll seem too spammy
  • They think they don’t have time
  • They’re not sure what to post
  • They don’t think anybody cares about what they create
  • They think people will steal their stuff
  • They think they’ll annoy their friends and followers

Successful artists share their work online all the time!

That’s exactly what I’ve done for decades to spread my message and maintain my self-employed status.

Are you sharing your music, words, or art on a regular basis? If not, you’re probably not attracting fans and building your career at a pace you’re happy with.

Bob (bottom center) with a group of his improv comedy students.

Yes. Every day!

That’s why I’m launching the 30-Day Share Your Creativity Challenge on January 7, 2019!

What will you get out of the 30-Day Challenge?

  • Develop a new habit of consistently sharing your creativity online
  • Learn HOW to share your work in a way that is comfortable and authentic (and definietly NOT spammy)
  • Get weekly checklists filled with posting ideas you can easily create and share
  • Discover simple ways to create two-way conversations with your fans instead of ineffective one-way announcements
  • Increase the odds you’ll get wider exposure, make connections, and even sell something
  • Create momentum and opportunities you wouldn’t have otherwise
  • Interact with other kindred creative spirits on the same journey
  • Develop a new habit you can continue well beyond the 30 days

You Have TWO Levels of Participation to Choose From …

The BASIC Level includes:

A Private 30-Day Challenge Facebook Group.

Go there as often as you’d like and post updates on your progress. Get feedback, share your successes and struggles, ask for advice, and maybe even find other creative people to partner with on future projects.

Weekly Conference Calls.

Weekly Checklists of Ideas.

Video Lessons and Worksheets.

I’ll give you my best advice on what to post and how to position yourself so you attract your ideal fans. I’ll also answer your questions and cater to the specific needs of the group.

You’ll also have the option to team up with a 30-Day Challenge Success Partner.

Knowing you will talk to someone adds a new level of commitment to being consistent. It’s also a great way to get advice and support from another artistic soul who understands you and is going through the same journey.

Click here to register at the BASIC Level

The PREMIUM Level includes:

A One-on-One Personal Strategy Session with Me

Use this time to address whatever aspect of your creativity I can help you with most: marketing, productivity, branding, book publishing, juggling a lot of interests, etc.

A $100 credit toward a collection of my digital resources

Click here to register at the PREMIUM Level

Let’s do this — starting January 7, 2019. And let’s do it together!

What About Bob?

Bob with bestselling author Joe Vitale.



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Bob Baker

Bob Baker


My mission in life is to inspire & empower people through audio affirmations, guided meditations, books, podcasts, music, art, coaching, and improv comedy.