The Louise Hay Guide to Serving and Growing an Audience

The late Louise Hay was an amazing woman.

She was a pioneer in the self-help and personal development movement. She emphasized the power of mindset and the Law of Attraction long before The Secret came out.

Louise was a proponent of using affirmations, meditation, visualization, and positive self-talk to overcome pretty much every challenge and reach any goal.

I’ve listened to many Louise Hay audio recordings over the years.

Something she said in one interview especially struck me. So much so, I had to stop the recording and write it down to make sure I got it right.

Louise was speaking about the success of Hay House, her publishing company, and how she served her readers and audience.

And if she stayed focused on addressing those core topics, she remained successful.

I’ll cover those topics in a moment. But first, some quick details about her story …

As a young girl, Louise suffered a lot of abuse. Eventually, she moved to New York, became a fashion model, and got married. After divorcing her husband, she discovered the Church of Religious Science and became a practitioner and speaker.

She published her first book, Heal Your Life, at age 51. The following year she overcame cervical cancer using alternative methods.

At age 58 and 59, she published the classic “You Can Heal Your Life” and began the Hayride, a popular support group that helped HIV/AIDS patients and their families.

Louise founded Hay House at age 60. The company went on to publish bestselling books by Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Doreen Virtue, Esther and Jerry Hicks, Joe Dispenza, Gabrielle Bernstein, and many more.

She passed away in August 2017 at the age of 90.

My girlfriend and I had the good fortune to meet Louise at a Book Expo in 2007.

If you can use your gifts, talents, and know-how to address one or more of these topics, you could significantly grow your impact and income too.


This may be the most important of all. Without good health, none of the other categories matter.

Sadly, most people don’t put much of an emphasis on their health until something goes wrong. But when faced with a painful or debilitating condition, people are suddenly eager to find a remedy.

If you can genuinely help people ease physical or mental pain, reverse an illness, or overcome a disease, they will seek you out and reward you.


This is arguably the most sought-after topic on the planet. Most humans have a desire to be more financially prosperous.

On the low end, people need enough money to provide food, shelter, and clothing. Beyond that, people may crave reliable transportation and treating themselves to travel, experiences, and some nice material things.

Others may want to start a business or nonprofit, support family members in need, and contribute to their community.

If you offer effective ways to earn, attract, save, and invest money … your abundance will grow too.


Beyond health and money, most people want to feel a connection with other humans.

Yes, this can mean romance and love. And millions of people want to either find the ideal lover or improve an existing relationship.

But this category is not limited to that.

Human beings also have a need for community. They want to be part of a tribe of like-minded people. They want to be understood and feel a sense of belonging.

Do you create products, services, events, or other experiences that enhance relationships? Can you help people make business, social, or loving connections? If so, you might have a winner.


Even though the traditional concept of work and career is evolving, people still place a great emphasis on what they “do” for a living.

Whether that’s working as an employee for someone else or working for themselves, people’s identities are closely aligned with job titles or entrepreneurial roles.

It can be a frustrating and confusing journey to find where one fits in.

If you can help people find a job, get a raise, determine their best career path, or start and grow a business … you just might have a lucrative career yourself.


This is a big one for me, since I live a life immersed in the arts.

But for many, being creative is something that seems elusive.

People may have a gnawing sense that they’ve settled into stagnant routines. Or they deny their creative urges for years and end up feeling frustrated.

If you can help people tap into, explore, and enhance their creativity, they may be willing to pay you for it.

Louise Hay’s five core areas of human need:

  • Health
  • Money
  • Relationships
  • Work
  • Creativity

If you can serve others in one or more of these essential areas, you greatly improve your odds of living a fulfilled life and making a good living at the same time!

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