The Three Elements of Irresistible Writing

  • Your message
  • Your voice

1) Your topic

This is the broad category that you cover or the genre in which you write. If you’re a nonfiction writer, your topic could be gardening, personal finance, self-help, or fitness. If you write fiction, you might consider labels such as mystery, science fiction, romance, or young adult. Other topics or categories you might place yourself in would be personal memoir, poetry or graphic novels.

2) Your message

The second element is your personal slant on the topic, category or genre that you specialize in. What perspective are you coming from? Let’s say you are establishing yourself as an expert on gardening. Is your message a scientific one (azaleas grow best in soil with these ingredients)? Or an aesthetic one (place these azaleas in this area of your patio for a pleasing design appeal)? Or a spiritual one (tuning into the vibration of your azaleas will help you connect with a higher power)?

3) Your voice

Great. You know your topic and your message. Now comes the crucial third element: Your voice. This includes your unique writing style, your tone, and the personality and attitude that shine through your words.



My mission in life is to inspire & empower people through audio affirmations, guided meditations, books, podcasts, music, art, coaching, and improv comedy.

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