3 Reasons Creative People Are Afraid to ASK for Help, Support & Sales

If you were to ask me for my best advice on one simple thing you could do to send your creative efforts into overdrive, it would be this …

Get Your ASK Out There!

It’s great that you spend time creating music, words, art, and other expressions of your talents.

It’s awesome that you post cool stuff on social media and spend time learning about marketing.

But the one thing that will propel your career more than anything is to ASK for help, support, and sales!

  • Book you
  • Interview you
  • Attend events
  • Write about you
  • Collaborate with you
  • Buy your stuff
  • Hire you
  • Recommend you
  • Share your work
  • Help you with aspects of your business you aren’t good at

In the many years I’ve been coaching and mentoring creative people, I’ve discovered three reasons artists are afraid to ask.

1) You might get a NO!

God forbid! If you were to ask a friend or a fan or a talent buyer … they might come back and say “No!” The horror!

It’s better to play it safe and avoid rejection at all costs, right?


If getting a no is the worst that can happen, that’s a pretty lame excuse for choosing to sit back and wait for opportunities to come to you.

Some opportunities will, and I hope they do come to you organically because of the awe-inspiring talent you have. But you can help things along by being proactive and getting your ASK out there!

2) You’ll bother people and appear too needy

This was a big one for me years ago. I’m DIY through and through. My career was built on being independent and self-reliant.

Plus, I wanted to convey strength and confidence — not lack and neediness. And I knew everyone was busy, so I didn't want to be “that guy.”

But clinging to that principle too tightly had drawbacks. It was stunting my growth.

Then I forced myself to reach out to people and ask for simple ways they could support me. The results were astonishing.

Most people were thrilled that I thought of them and were flattered I asked. Not everyone was able to do what I requested, but more than enough did to make it worthwhile.

You’ll learn the same lesson when you start getting your ASK out there!

3) You tried asking before and it didn’t work out well

I hear this one a lot too.

Maybe you tried once or twice or five times in the past. But you either never heard back from the people you contacted or they gave you a “Thanks but no thanks” response.

That stung. You didn’t get the validation you were hoping for. No one seemed to give a damn. Why bother putting yourself through that mess again?

WHY? Because it’s still worth doing!

Not hearing back from someone does NOT equate to a NO. It often means they didn’t get the message or were too busy to read or listen to it.

The simple solution: Send a couple of polite and upbeat followup messages. You’ll be surprised how effective that can be.

Even when you get a direct rejection, it really means “Not now.” Which opens up the possibility of a future YES from that same source.

However, the best thing to do in the short term is to just MOVE ON!

Think about it. Someone who gives you a hard NO is making it clear that you need to search for an alternate door that will eagerly open for you.

As Rev Run says, “I go where I’m celebrated, not where I’m tolerated.”

I love that attitude!

Your tribe and your ideal fans and supporters are out there. You can wait for them to discover you, and hopefully over time, they will.

But your gifts and talents will reach more people and you’ll make more progress if you make a habit of getting your ASK out there on a regular basis!

Wanna do this as part of a 30-day challenge?

This is such a crucial aspect of success, I’m launching a four-week program that will take a small group of creatives through this process, starting October 22, 2018.

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Over the 30 days we’ll cover asking fans, friends and supporters; venue people, event planners and talent buyers; media people, curators and tastemakers; as well as asking for the sale!

It’s an affordably priced program with a LOT of perks — all designed to help you develop the habit of ASKing.

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