Wayne Dyer’s Secret to Overcoming Your Obsession with Public Opinion

Bob Baker
2 min readFeb 15, 2024

If you find yourself being obsessed with what other people think of you, take this advice from Wayne Dyer …

Wayne used to talk about his many reputations.

He said if he spoke to a room filled with 100 people, he had 100 different reputations.

That’s 100 unique views of who he was and what he stood for.

It would be hard for anyone to comprehend and respond to all of those opinions.

What’s the solution?

Just do what you do and try your best to make good choices and show up as your best self.

And let others be free to think what they think.

You don’t have to disregard every bit of feedback you receive.

Sometimes, there’s an element that rings true and you make adjustments.

Otherwise, let it go and move on.

What are your thoughts on your reputation and how other people perceive you?

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