The Sex Pistols meet Barney the Dinosaur

So we slammed into a quick, punked-out version of “Barney Rotten.”

Still to this day, that song makes me smile — and everyone who hears it for the first time laughs out loud.

What did I just do?

I related this real-life experience to make a point:

Knowing this, why not use the power of stories to communicate with your fans.

Don’t just tell me that your new album is for sale …

Don’t just tell me about the date and location of your next gig …

Don’t just tell me about the new free song download you have available …

In short, engage people with STORIES about the creative things you do and promote.

Is there a story I can tell that will communicate this message better?

P.S. Wanna hear that punk rock version of “Barney Rotten”?

I’d love your thoughts on this!



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